Top Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

By Staff - August 23, 2019
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When you’re cruising down the highway with friends — or even when you’re stuck in traffic during your daily commute — and you happen to be on a motorcycle, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of gas. Buying a fuel-efficient motorcycle lets you ride longer and leave your fuel-up fears behind. Also, the less you have to spend on fuel means the more you can put toward riding gear and modifications. Here is a selection of bikes that stand out for their great fuel economy.

Kawasaki KLX250: 65 MPG

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After taking a small break between 2014 and 2018, Kawasaki introduced an updated version of their popular KLX250 lightweight dual-sport. The liquid-cooled, 249cc, dual-overhead-cam, four-valve single-cylinder motor delivers solid on and off-road riding performance. The KLX250 consistently squeezes 60+ miles per gallon (mpg) out of it, and there are reports of the bike getting up to 70 mpg — no doubt aided by its slim stature and 304-pound. curb weight.


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The Suzuki TU250X combines classic styling with a spunky fuel-injected, 249cc single-cylinder engine. It’s a nice commuter bike that’s thrifty on fuel, making it an all-around economical mode of transportation. Tuned for low-end torque to deal with stop and go traffic, the TU250X is well suited for the urban or residential environment.

Honda NC750X: 69 MPG

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When it came to designing a bike for today’s motorcyclist, Honda hit the sweet spot between affordability, performance, style, and useful features. As Honda says on their website, the NC750X is “designed for the way people really ride.” The surprisingly fuel-efficient 745cc parallel-twin engine produces a ton of low- and mid-range torque – great for switching from commuting during the week to hitting some twisties over the weekend. The integrated storage and the optional DCT/ABS is the icing on the cake.

Honda CBR300R: 71 MPG

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The CBR300R is an upgrade to Honda’s beloved CBR250R street bike, offering all the same benefits but with a bit more oomph. While designed to appeal to entry-level racers or track day riders, this user-friendly bike is also enjoyed by casual sportbikers looking for fantastic fuel economy. The 286cc water-cooled, four-cycle thumper engine manages to squeeze out up to 71 mpg from the 3.4-gallon tank. That means you’ll be able to ride this lightweight sportbike close to 240 miles before needing to refuel.

Kawasaki Ninja 300: 66 MPG

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The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is an affordable sportbike that’s a favorite of new riders and budget-conscious veterans alike. This thrifty machine has a 296cc fuel-injected engine that provides more than enough power for the highway and can get 70+ mpg with fuel-efficient riding. Features such as an innovative assisted clutch and optional ABS also make it an easy bike to ride.

Honda CRF250L: 73 MPG

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Yes, another Honda. What can we say, they’ve really been homing in on the needs of budget-conscious riders. The Honda CRF250L is a compact dual-sport bike featuring a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine with electric start, long-travel front and rear suspension, and optional ABS. While not quite suited for truly serious off-roading, the Honda CRF250L shines as a basic, entry-level machine that provides a smooth ride with amazing fuel savings.



This distinctive dual-sport bike features a 196cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine that generates an estimated 78 mpg. With fat tires and a low seat, the Yamaha TW200 delivers a smooth ride with great traction ensuring rider comfort over a wide range of terrain. It’s even become a bit of a cult classic over the years.

Honda Rebel 300: 78 MPG

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Honda updated this classic entry-level cruiser in 2017, completely retooling the classic design and increasing the performance specs. Powered by a modest 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the Honda Rebel 300 is a well-crafted bike that is among the most fuel-efficient gas-powered motorcycles on the market, with an estimated fuel economy of 78 mpg.

Suzuki V-Strom 650: 54 MPG

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Most of the bikes of this list have been smaller-framed sportbikes or lightweight cruisers, for the obvious reason that small and light usually equals more fuel efficiency. However, we wanted to make sure that we gave a shout out to touring bikes, so here’s the Suzuki V-Strom 650. A favorite for long-distance riding, this bike boasts a liquid-cooled, 645cc v-twin engine that delivers strong torque in the low- to mid-rpm range – but with enough high-rpm to keep things interesting. Getting up to 54 mpg from its 4.8-gallon fuel tank, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 will let your ride nearly 260 miles (ca. 418 km) before needing a top-off.

Suzuki DR200S: 88 MPG


The Suzuki DR200S is a stylish dual-sport motorcycle that’s equally at home on a dirt trail or a street commute. Its reliable 199cc electric-start engine can generate an amazing 88 mpg. This agile bike includes telescopic front forks, a 3.3-gallon tank, and plenty of torque. When you consider the huge fuel savings, it’s no wonder the Suzuki DR200S is a popular option for both trail enthusiasts and commuters alike.

Honda Grom: 125 MPG

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The Honda Grom is a blend of attitude, performance, and zippy agility that makes riding it a ridiculously fun experience. This 125cc mini bike has some seriously impressive fuel efficiency stats, providing riders with more than 100 mpg from a single tank. The downside is that its tiny stature means that, while the Grom can be used for local rides and short commutes, it’s really not intended for longer jaunts or high freeway miles..

Zero DSR: 188 Miles (City)


These days, no list of fuel-efficient bikes is complete without at least one electric motorcycle. The 2019 Zero DSR is a stylish, eco-conscious dual-sport bike that can serve as your daily commuter, a day tripper, and more. This bike generates an outrageous 116 ft-lb of torque and its lithium-ion power pack gives riders a combined city and highway riding range of 132 miles (ca. 212 km). The Zero DSR includes a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, handguards, and a 12 V accessory socket for rider comfort.

Zero S: 220 Miles (City)

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As the Zero DSR is to dual-sport bikes, the Zero S is to standard motorcycles. It’s a beautiful, 223-mile range, all-electric machine that can be specced to meet your performance, range and charging requirements.

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There is a wide range of fuel-efficient motorcycles for riders to examine on the market. Ranging from small sport bikes to large touring machines, fuel-economy doesn’t require any sacrifices of style or performance. As you keep researching, keep in mind that motorcycle fuel economy is heavily influenced by aerodynamics and weight. How you ride, bike maintenance, weather and road conditions, tire pressure, accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight are just a few of the factors that will cause your mileage to vary.